There are countless ways to become involved with the Cavett Kids Foundation as an individual, family or as an organization. Check the Volunteer Opportunities page to find out more information.

Helping seriously ill children can be a challenging yet life-changing experience for all involved. It is a common misconception in volunteers and donors that when they give of their time or resources, they are the ones who will be changing the lives of our precious patients. It is true that the patients do enjoy and appreciate their help. But in reality, after getting to know the patients, the volunteers and donors are the ones who walk away changed.

Our patients are wise beyond their years. They are forced to endure painful treatments, surgeries and procedures. They miss out on part of their childhood due to their conditions, causing them to grow up too soon. Their passion for life and perspective on life is contagious. All those involved in the Cavett Kids Foundation are a family. Rest assured, if you decide to start helping us make a difference by giving your time or resources, you will declare yourself a member of the Cavett Kids family and you will be changed for the better... forever.

Cost to volunteer at camps

It is strongly encouraged for volunteers to make a monetary contribution to Cavett Kids. The requested contribution is used solely to help cover the cost of the volunteer’s lodging and food. It costs Cavett Kids approximately $225 solely for lodging and food for each volunteer for a 5-day camp. With over 150 volunteers at Camp Cavett alone, you can see how quickly it becomes an overwhelming amount. If all volunteers contribute based on whatever amount that is within their means, Cavett Kids will be able to continue helping more kidsvolunteer every year. The amount of the contribution is at the discretion of the volunteer and will remain confidential. The amount of the contribution is not taken into consideration in the volunteer selection process. Donations can be made by clicking or by cash or check at camp.

How to become a volunteer

There are 5 steps to becoming a volunteer. How to Become a Camp Volunteer.

Background Check

Cavett Kids require that all volunteers obtain and pay for their own background check. The cost is $19. You will not be allowed to volunteer at camp unless we have a background check on file .